MK Czerwiec

MK Czerwiec RN, MA

Artist-in-Residence, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine (Chicago, IL), Department of Medical Humanities & Bioethics

Editorial Board, Penn State University Press Graphic Medicine series

Guest co-editor, Atrium Issue 10: Graphic (forthcoming winter 2012)

American Society of Bioethics & Humanities

Oral History Association

Contact Details


Telephone: 312-925-5298

Postal Address: 2175 W. Eastwood Avenue, Chicago, IL 60625 USA

Websites: (personal site) (professional blog (co-administered with Ian Williams)) (podcast)

Biography and Research Interests

MK Czerwiec (pronounced sir-wick) is a registered nurse who has been making comics under the pseudonym Comic Nurse since 2000. She has an MA in Medical Humanities & Bioethics and assisted in organizing the June 2011 Comics & Medicine conference in Chicago. She is currently working on her first full-length graphic memoir, Taking Turns. It combines oral history interviews and a semi-fictionalized patient narrative in graphic form.

Research Interests: The intersection of medicine and comics, narrative medicine, oral history and comics, visual representations of natural death, the use of audio content in association with comics and learning.


Comic Nurse Delivers Another Dose (collected comics) Lulu Press, Fall 2011

“Coming Out” (comic) Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf, Fall 2011

“Is Satisfaction Enough?” Atrium, Issue 8, Summer 2010

“Narrative Constipation” (comic) Atrium, Issue 7, Winter 2010

“Stephanie’s Shoes” (comic) South Loop Review, Columbia College Press, 2008

Chicago Memories (illustrations) Destinations Press, 2008

“My Career as a Closet Cross Dresser” (comic) The Girls’ Guide to Guys’ Stuff, Friends of Lulu Press, 2007

Comic Nurse (collected comics) Lulu Press, 2006

Scars, Stories, and Other Adventures, (collected comics) self-published, 2004

“This I Believe” (comic) National Public Radio website

“NATE” The Chaplaincy Journal, 2000

When A Loved One is Dying” The American Journal of Nursing, May 1996

Conference Papers and Talks

“Graphic Medicine: The Sequential Art of Illness,” Society for the Arts in Health Care, May 2-5, 2012, Detroit, MI (forthcoming)

“Graphic Medicine: An Introduction,” Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Department of Medical Humanities & Bioethics, Feb. 9, 2012 (forthcoming)

“Representing AIDS at 30: An Illustrated Oral History of Unit 371,” Center on Halsted, December, 2011 and The Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, July, 2011

“AIDS, Oral History, and Comics,” Graphic Medicine Comics Forum, Thought Bubble: Leeds Sequential Art Festival, November 17, 2011, Leeds, UK

“Comic Nurse,” Laydeez do Comics, November 2010, London, UK

“Graphic Witness: Doonesbury & TBI” Comics & Medicine: The Sequential Art of Illness, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, June 2011, Chicago

“Visual Reading: Graphic Medicine” American Society of Bioethics and Humanities, Minneapolis, MN, October, 2011

“Graphic Witness: Comics, Drawing and Trauma” Aftershock: Humanities Perspectives on Trauma, Maine Humanities Council, Washington, DC, November, 2010

“Graphic Narrative Medicine: Could Making Comics Help Caregivers?” Graphic Medicine Conference, University of London, June 2010.

“Graphic Narrative Medicine” Advanced Narrative Medicine Workshop, Columbia University, New York, NY, June 2010

“Oral History & Medicine” Guest lecturer, Duke University, Thompson School of Writing, Durham, NC, November 2009


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