The Bi-Monthly ComFor Update

The Bi-Monthly ComFor Update column is written by members of Gesellschaft für Comicforschung(ComFor), and is published every two months. The ComFor website can be found here.

# 14 April 2016 (Lukas R. A. Wilde)

#13 February 2016 (Stephan Packard)

#12 December 2015 (Laura Oehme)

#11: October 2015 (Nina Heindl)

#10: August 2015 (Lukas R. A. Wilde)

#9: June 2015 (Laura Oehme)

#8: April 2015 (Stephan Packard)

#7: February 2015 (Lukas R. A. Wilde)

#6: December 2014 (Nina Heindl)

#5: October 2014 (Laura Oehme)

#4: August 2014 (Stephan Packard)

#3: June 2014 (co-authored by the ComFor online editing board)

#2: April 2014 (Lukas R. A. Wilde)

#1: February 2014 (Stephan Packard)


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