Manga Studies

The Manga Studies column is edited by Jaqueline Berndt.

The column’s regular writers are: Jaqueline Berndt, Ronald Stewart, Jessica Sugimoto-Bauwens, CJ Suzuki and Nicholas Theisen.

Proposals for articles are welcome, and should be sent to Jaqueline Berndt at:

#1: Introduction (Jaqueline Berndt)

#2: Manga history: Shimizu Isao and Miyamoto Hirohito on Japan’s first modern ‘manga’ artist Kitazawa Rakuten (Ronald Stewart)

#3: On BL manga research in Japanese (Jessica Bauwens-Sugimoto)

#4: Traversing Art and Manga: Ishiko Junzō’s Writings on Manga/Gekiga (Shige (CJ) Suzuki)

#5: Takeuchi Osamu and Manga Expression pt. 1: Tezuka Osamu as Manga Locus (Nicholas Theisen)

#6: Takeuchi Osamu and Manga Expression pt. 2: The Historiographic Basis of Manga Formalism (Nicholas Theisen)

#7: Shōjo Manga Research: The Legacy of Women Critics and Their Gender-Based Approach (Masafumi Monden)

#8: Shōjo Manga Research: The Obscured Decades (Dalma Kálovics)

#9: Studying Garo, the magazine (Léopold Dahan)

#10: What are you reading? Approaches and reasons for looking at language in manga (Giancarla Unser-Schutz)


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