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Comics Forum Online: Annual Review and Conference Call for Papers

Graphic Medicine by Ian Williams, MK Czerviec, Maria Vaccarella

Image [&] Narrative by Charlotte Pylyser, Steven Surdiacourt and Greice Schneider

The International Bande Dessinée Society

Manga Studies

Sculpture and Comic Art by Kirstie Gregory

Special Editions

Comics and Cultural Work (Guest Editor: Casey Brienza)

Rummaging Around in Alan Moore’s Shorts (Guest Editor: Maggie Gray)


The Future Art of the Past? An e-panel on comics and archaeology, edited by John Swogger

Featuring: Chloe Brown, Peter Connelly, Troy Lovata, Hannah Sackett, John Swogger and Al B. Wesolowsky

Part 1         Part 2

The Spanish Civil War in Comics: A Conversation on Spanish Comics, Remembrance, and Trauma by Sarah D. Harris and Enrique del Rey Cabero

Part 1        Part 2

Articles (arranged alphabetically by author surname)

Alaniz, José: Czech Comics Anthropology: Life and Story in O přibjehi: Keva

Bergström, Malin: Into the depths of The Fountain: a study of visual layers in Aronofsky and Williams’s vision

Berlatsky, Eric: Between Supermen: Homosociality, Misogyny, and Triangular Desire in the Earliest Superman Stories

Beronä, David A.: Woodcut Novels: Cutting a Path to the Graphic Novel

Berry, Dan: Snapshots

Blanch, Christina: Gender through Comic Books

Brienza, Casey: A Reply to Simon Locke

Burscough, Clark: Genre Conventions

Chapman, James: Thinking about comics scholarship

Cortsen, Rikke Platz: ‘From now on everything is just going to get worse’

Crosby, Louise & Helen Iball: Laydeez do Comics Leeds launch

Davies, Paul Fisher: A Report on the BCCS Comics Day and Tea Party

Dawson Varughese, E. Inequality and Adversity, in Content and Form: The Indian Graphic Novel Bhimayana

de la Iglesia, Martin: Early manga translations in the West: underground cult or mainstream failure?

Dinnen, Zara: Two Jonathans: Writing on comics in essays

Dittmar, Jakob F. Experiments in Digital Comics: Somewhere between Comics and Multimedia Storytelling

Dittmer, Jason: Captain America and the Body Politic

Dony, Christophe: Vertigo’s Archival Impulse as Memorious Discourse

Duke, Sara W.: The Art of the Cartoon: Exploring the Collections of the Library of Congress

Duncan, Randy & Matthew J. Smith: Learning from Film Studies: Analogies and Challenges

Earle, Harriet. The Whites of their Eyes: Implied Violence and Double Frames in Blazing Combat and The ‘Nam

El Refaie, Elisabeth: Visual authentication strategies in autobiographical comics

Evdokimova, Maria: The History of Russian Comics: An Interview with Misha Zaslavskiy

         What Comics are Published and Read in Russia?

Introducing Russian Comic Artists

Forceville, Charles: The visualization of anger in comics

Fransman, Karrie: The Body as a Canvas in Comics: Karrie Fransman Explores the Influence of Corporal Studies in the Creation of her graphic novel The House That Groaned

Goodbrey, Daniel Merlin: Digital Comics: New Mutations & Innovations by Daniel Merlin Goodbrey

Graphixia: Graphixia at Comics Forum 2013

Grove, Laurence: A Note on the Woman who Gave Birth to Rabbits One Hundred Years Before Töpffer

Hague, Ian: The Nimble Scholar: An Interview with Chris Murray

   Sketching in Lectures: An Interview With Mel Gibson

Havstad, Joyce C.: Using Comics to Teach Philosophy, Inclusively

Henderson, Al. Palimpsestic Tales: The drawings of ‘Light Horse Tales of an Afghan War’. How and why these comics came into being.

Herd, Damon: Comics and Performance: From ‘Chalk Talks’ to ‘Carousel’

Hoyles, Anna: Comics and the World Wars – a cultural record

Huxley, David: A Dazzling Lack of Respectability: Comics and Academia in the UK: 1971 – 2011

Johnston, Paddy: Tintin at 85: A Conference Review

Kashtan, Aaron: Digital comics and material richness

Kuhlman, Martha: “Avant-Garde Comics? The Very Idea.”

Labarre, Nicolas: A fragmentary past: Karasik and Mazzucchelli’s City of Glass

Lauzon, Marilyn and Mathieu Laflamme: Talking Sense(s): A Review of Montreal’s first CRAS Comic Forum

Laycock, Di: Keep watering the rocks

Leroy, Fabrice: On Rewriting Hemingway: Inside Joann Sfar’s Intertextual Web

Lightman, Sarah: Women in Comics

Link, Alex: Funny? Animals? The Problem of We3

Locke, Simon: Constructing a sociology of comics

MacLeod, Catriona: Ah! Nana: The Forgotten French Feminist Comics Magazine

Mahato, Mita: Universalism Re-visited: The Cartoon Image, My Mom, and Mii

Maher, LJ: Comic Books and Rock ‘n’ Roll

McClancy, Kathleen: The Comics Arts Conference and Public Humanities

McKinney, Mark: The Colonial Heritage of Comics in French

Meskin, Aaron: What is the Philosophy of Comics?

Mickwitz, Nina: Traversing Frames: the Dialectic between Comics and Travel

Some thoughts on an Emerging Field: Connections, Transitions and Looking Ahead

Miller, Ann: Rabbit Stew

Miodrag, Hannah: Narrative breakdown in The Long and Unlearned Life of Roland Gethers

Molotiu, Andrei: List of Terms for Comics Studies

Moreno, Esther Claudio: The Reinterpretation of the Superhero in Seagle and Kristiansen’s It’s a bird…

Ormrod, Joan: Conference Review: The Joint International Conference of Graphic Novels and Comics (Review #1)

Packard, Stephan: Superior Unreliability: Thoughts on Narrators in Comics on the Occasion of Spider-Man 2012/13

Pascoal, Renata Rafaela: The Architecture in Comics

Pearlman, Corinne: Cartoon County

Pearson, Laura: Alternative Paradoxes in Heartless: Reading (Un-)Love in Nina Bunjevac’s ‘Bitter Tears of Zorka Petrovic’

Picone, Michael D.: Sequential Art: Rows by any other name…

Postema, Barbara: The Death of the Cartoonist? Working on Living Creators

Precup, Mihaela: ‘Blueprints for a Forward-Dawning Futurity’: Brynjar Åbel Banlien’s Strîmb Life (2009) and Strîmb Living – 5 Years with Oskar (2011)

Priego, Ernesto: Comics Scholarship 2.0

Ray Murray, Padmini: Comic (Book History): towards a new methodology

Register, Paul: Where did the ‘Stan Lee Excelsior Award’ come from? And where is it going?

Robbins, Trina: The Two Glorious Years of Ah! Nana

Round, Julia: Conference Review: The Joint International Conference of Graphic Novels and Comics (Review #2)

Sanders, Joe Sutliff: To Allude or To, Like, Not

Schneider, Greice: The Joy and the Burden of the Comics Artist: The role of boredom in the production of comics

Scott, Cord: Propaganda in Comics

Screech, Matthew: Conference Review: The International Bande Dessinée Society’s Seventh International Conference by Matthew Screech

Smith, Dan: Reading Correspondences through the Virtual Feminist Museum

Smith, Philip: Hybrid Languages and Literary forms in Gene Luen Yang’s American Born Chinese

                      Maus in the Indonesian Classroom

Stein, Daniel: Comics Studies in Germany: Where It’s At and Where It Might Be Heading

Swogger, John: Comics Forum 2011

The Sequential Art of the Past: Archaeology, comics and the dynamics of an emerging genre

Szép, Eszter: “Can one still laugh about everything?”

Tarbox, Gwen Athene: Beaucoup de Femmes, Un Artiste:  Focalization Cues in the Graphic Novels of Bastien Vivès

Tsene, Lida: Comics Studies in Greece

Uhlig, Barbara: ‘Chercher dans le Noir’ – the gap as motif in Caboto by Lorenzo Mattotti and Jorge Zentner

The dissolution of the pictorial content in Hugo Pratt’s ‘Corto Maltese’ and Lorenzo Mattotti’s ‘Fires’

Valgreen, Lisbeth. Telling the Prehistory of Greenland in Graphic Novels

in ‘t Veld, Laurike: Genocide in Comics

Venezia, Tony: The Indisciplined Middle Space

Verwoerd, Aletta: Navigating the Post-9/11 Mental Space Architecture and Expressionism in In the Shadow of No Towers

Wadle, Hannah: Anthropology goes Comics

Weiner, Robert G.: Comics in Education: A Personal Perspective

Williams, Paul: Literary Impressionism and Chris Ware’s Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth (2000)

Woo, Benjamin: Beyond Our Borders: Mapping the Space of Comics

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Affiliated Conferences (Ian Hague)

Comics and Conflicts (2011) Updates (Ian Hague)

Introduction (Ian Hague)

Scholar Directory (Ian Hague)


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