Comics Forum 2010

Comics Forum 2010 – Call for Papers

Here’s the call for papers for Comics Forum 2010. Given the amount of information that needed to be put across, and the fact that Comics Forum comprised two very different conferences, this was a tricky design to get right. Ben did sterling work and Sarah and I were very pleased with the clarity and effectiveness of the finished product.

Comics Forum 2010 – Posters

These are the posters for Comics Forum 2010:

Comics Forum 2010 Poster (Basic)

Comics Forum 2010 Poster (Full)

Again, there was a lot of information to put across and Ben did great job of fitting it onto the page without the design becoming too cluttered. The difficulty of this was increased by the fact that we had a large number of sponsors, all of whose logos needed to be included on the poster. We were very pleased to have the support of Thought Bubble, Dr Mel Gibson, the University of Chichester, the University of Glasgow, Alexander Street Press, Intellect, Liverpool University Press and Routledge.

Comics Forum 2010 – Programmes

These documents are what went into the programme for Comics Forum 2010. The two individual conference programmes were put together with the cover to form a flipbook that could be read once, flipped over and read again (many thanks to Jenny Batstone at the University of Chichester for making this slightly complicated idea a reality). As you’ll see, the programmes included all the information on the speakers and their papers that you’d expect, along with a selection of comics and images that were created by our speakers and related to the themes of the conference at which they were speaking. There were a number of very impressive works submitted for this and it was a great privilege to be able to present them in the programme.

Comics Forum 2010 Programme Cover

Women in Comics II Programme Text

Theory and Practice: A Conference on Comics Programme Text

Comics Forum 2010 – Papers & Notes

All documents provided in this section are available thanks to the generosity of their authors, and remain the property of those authors. If you were a speaker at one of our previous events and you have notes or a published version of your talk that you would be willing to share here, please get in touch at: and let us know!

Available papers:

‘Hanging Out With Halo Jones – “the first feminist comics heroine?”‘ – Maggie Gray

‘The Joy and the Burden of the Comics Artist: The role of boredom in the production of comics’ – Greice Schneider

Comics Forum 2010 – Reviews

Comics Forum 2010 was reviewed by Ernesto Priego here. Women in Comics II was reviewed by Matthew Reisz of Times Higher Education. You can read his review here.



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