Image [&] Narrative

The Image [&] Narrative column is written by Charlotte Pylyser, Steven Surdiacourt and Greice Schneider, all of whom sit on the editorial board of the online academic journal Image [&] Narrative.

#1: The Strip Turnhout Festival vs. the F.A.C.T.S. Convention, In which the Graphic Novel Shines by Virtue of Its Absence (Part I) (Charlotte Pylyser)

#2: Modes of Fan Practice: In which Participatory Culture Does not Seem to Agree with the Flemish Comics Culture (Part II) (Charlotte Pylyser)

#3: The thin line between boring and interesting (Greice Schneider)

#4: Blacks and blanks. On ‘empty’ panels (Steven Surdiacourt)

#5: Graphic Poetry: an (im)possible form? (Steven Surdiacourt)

#6: Refining/Defining Modes of Fan Practice: Expansion and Control (Part III) (Charlotte Pylyser)

#7: How Lint became a comic strip opera. Interview with Walter Hus (Greice Schneider)

#8: Tying ends together: surface and storyworld in comics (Steven Surdiacourt)

#9: The Changing Face of the Comics Convention – Some Reflections about Comics Culture on the Occasion of the Montreal Comiccon (Charlotte Pylyser)

#10: Depicting Boredom: On Gestures and Facial Expressions (Greice Schneider)

#11: The Mode of the Mainstream and the Graphic Novel in Flanders (Part IV) (Charlotte Pylyser)


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