Digital Texts

Here you can download a selection of scholarly texts in PDF format. All downloads are free of charge and are provided here by kind permission of the authors/copyright holders.

Authors: If you have texts you would like to feature here (and you have the required permissions to do so), we would be very happy to hear from you! Please contact us at Texts may include articles, books, dissertations, essays, fanzines, theses etc. Previously published and unpublished works will be considered. Suggestions for texts you have not authored but believe would be useful to scholars are also welcome at the email address above.

‘Comics and the World Wars’ – outputs from the research project based at the University of Lincoln

‘Multi-panel comic narratives in Australian First World War trench publications as citizen journalism’, a journal article by Jane Chapman and Daniel Ellin. (9 MB)

First published in the Australian Journal of Communication (39: 3), 2012.

‘Representation of female war-time bravery in Australia’s Wanda the War Girl’, journal article by Professor Jane Chapman. (60 KB)

First published in The Australasian Journal of Popular Culture (1: 2), Bristol: Intellect.

Gordon, Ian

Author website

Comic Strips and Consumer Culture 1890-1945, Washington & London: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1998. (26.9 MB)

‘A Story about a Book’ by Ian Gordon (commentary on the publication history of Comic Strips and Consumer Culture: 1890-1945)

Lesk, Andrew

Bibliography: Psychiatrists/Psychologists in Sequential Narratives (37 KB)

Mitchell, Steven E.

‘Evil Harvest: Investigating the Comic Book, 1948-1955’

Front Matter (1.80 MB)

Chapter 1: Introduction (52 KB)

Chapter 2: “Slaughter of the Innocents”: Origin of the Controversy (144 KB)

Chapter 3: The “Red-Hot Thrill”: The Controversy Revived (172 KB)

Chapter 4: Superman in Disguise: The New York State Investigations (112 KB)

Chapter 5: “The Fifth Horseman”: The Federal Investigations (196 KB)

Chapter 6: “‘Operation Clean-Up'” and After: The Controversy Resolved (124 KB)

Appendices (11.5 MB)

Bibliography (Part 1) (9.89 MB)

Bibliography (Part 2) (10.9 MB)

Molotiu, Andrei

List of Terms for Comics Studies (280.7 KB)

Raeburn, Daniel K.

 Author website

The Imp

The Imp #1: ‘The Fallen World of Daniel Clowes’, Chicago: Daniel K. Raeburn, 1997. (1.01 MB)

The Imp #2: ‘The Holy Book of Chick with the Apocrypha and Dictionary-Concordance’, Chicago: Daniel K. Raeburn, 1998. (1.81 MB)

The Imp #3: ‘The Smartest Cartoonist on Earth’, Chicago: Daniel K. Raeburn, 1999. (2.83 MB)

The Imp #4: ‘Historietas Perversas: Mexico’s Perverse “Little Histories”‘, Chicago: Daniel K. Raeburn, 2002. (5.22 MB)

U.K. Government

Children and Young Person’s (Harmful Publications) Act, 1955. (88.1 KB)

The current version of this act and details of amendments can be found here.


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