News Review: June 2015

04 Jul




There is a call for contributions to the collection, New manga, Manfra, Franga: Varied and Reciprocal Influences between Manga and “BD”. Proposals are due by the 10th October. Link (25/06/2015, English, WG)

United States


There is a call for papers for a book on Mad magazine, which is seeking scholarly examinations of the magazine, its humour, its artists, its cultural and political impact, and its influence. Proposals are due by the 15th September. Link (English, WG)

There is a call for papers for an edited collection on the comics of Julie Doucet and Gabrielle Bell. Proposals are due by the 15th August. Link (14/06/2015, English, WG)

Postcolonial Comics: Texts, Events, Identities, edited by Binita Mehta, and Pia Mukherji, has been published through Routledge. Link (English, WG)

There is a call for papers for a collection entitled, Sacred Texts and Comics: Religion, Faith, and Graphic Narratives. Proposals are due by the 21st August. Link (26/06/2015, English, WG)




The Hagio Moto exhibition, “Silver Ship & Blue Sea”, is running until the 14th July at Kyoto International Manga Museum. Hagio is among the most prominent of the “Magnificent 49’ers”, a shojo manga artist group that emerged in the 1970s. During this exhibition, 26 original art works are on display. Link (English, JBS)

The exhibition “Manga and War”, at Kyoto International Manga Museum, runs until the 6th September, and covers six themes, including the “atomic bomb”, “Manchurai”, and more. Link (English, JBS)

Until the 10th October, Yonezawa Yonehiro Memorial Library is showing the “Akatsuka Characters — The Secrets of Their Birth”. Akatsuka Fujio, while lesser known overseas than Tezuka, is one of the “Gods of Manga”. Link (Japanese, JBS)




A book on comic collectors by Alex Jakubowski and Sandra Mann was published. Link (German, MdlI)



An original Tintin illustration dating from 1938 has sold at auction in Brussels for €380,000 euros. The illustration was a cover illustration for the pre-publication of King Ottakar’s Sceptre in Le Petit Vingtième; it was originally valued at 400-450,000 euros. Link (30/06/2015, French, LTa)

A Dutch court has ruled that Moulinsart, the company which manages the publishing and licensing of Tintin, does not own all Tintin copyright. Moulinsart are known for aggressively pursuing any unlicensed use of Tintin imagery. The case hinges on a 1942 document that shows Hergé gave all rights to Tintin publisher Casterman. Moulinsart are appealing. Link (English, LTa)



A comics exhibition titled “Gestrandet & verwurzelt” was shown in Munich until the 16th June as part of Munich Comic Festival. Link (05/06/2015, German, MdlI)

During Munich Comic Festival, the Peng! comic awards went to Roy Thomas, Jirō Taniguchi, David Füleki, and Barbara Yelin, among others. Link (09/06/2015, English, MdlI)

The anime and manga convention, Animagic, is going to take place in Bonn from the 31st July until the 2nd August; guests include Christina Plaka, Tetsuya Tsutsui, and Nobuhiro Watsuki. Link (German, MdlI)

The Christoph Martin Wieland translator award goes to Ulrich Pröfrock for his translation of Quai d’Orsay by Christophe Blains and Abel Lanzac. Link (11/06/2015, German, MdlI)

An exhibition of cartoons and comics by Ralph Ruthe, Joscha Sauer and Flix is going to be shown in Oberhausen from the 19th June 2015 until the 17th January 2016. Link (22/06/2015, German, MdlI)


Alexander Dunst gave a talk on “reading comics” in Göttingen on the 11th June. Link (German, MdlI)

An interview with Alexander Dunst about his research group “hybrid narrativity” at Paderborn and Potsdam has been published at Dreimalalles. Link (10/06/2015, German, MdlI)

A recording of the panel discussion on comics research at Munich Comic Festival from the 7th June is available. Link (18/06/2015, German, MdlI)

The proceedings of last year’s conference on comic translation and adaptation in Hildesheim have been published as a book. Link (German, MdlI)

A conference on storyboards took place in Berlin on the 3rd and 4th July. Link (29/06/2015, German, MdlI)



The exhibition, “Holocaust in Comic Books”, organised by the Israeli Cultural Institute, in Budapest, features works by Miriam Katin, Michel Kichka, Rutu Modan, Sid Jacobson, and Ernie Colón. Link (Hungarian, ES)



The Clube Português de Banda Desenhada (Portuguese Club of Comics) has been revived. The club was founded in June 1976, but has remained largely inactive for the last 15 years. The club aims to organise comic auctions, workshops, exhibitions, seminars, book launches and courses. Link (Portuguese, RR)


The Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa will be hosting a course about the relationship between Comics and Cinema. The course, which begins on the 6th July and ends on the 15th July, is taught by Ana Cabral Martins and Hugo Almeida. Link (Portuguese, RR)



The 9th edition of the FNAC- Ediciones Salamandra Graphic Novel Prize has been held. Works will be accepted until the 27th November. Link (28/05/2015, Spanish, EdRC)

The Metrópoli Comic Con will be celebrated in Gijón from the 2nd to the 5th July. Some of the invited authors include Kurt Busiek, Bob Layton, Carlos Pacheco and Steve Englehart. Link (15/06/2015, Spanish, EdRC)

An exhibition with originals from The Encyclopedia of Early Earth, by Isabel Greenberg, can be seen at Panta Rhei, Madrid, from the 5th June to the 30th August. Link (06/06/2015, Spanish, EdRC)

The association ACDCómic has published its list of the best works published in Spain in the second half of 2014. Link (01/06/2015, Spanish, EdRC)


An anthology of essays about Marvel’s X-Men has been published by Alpha Decay entitled, Hijos del átomo. Once visiones sobre la Patrulla-X (Children of the atom. Eleven visions of the X-Men). Link (15/06/2015, Spanish, EdRC)



Remembered Reading: Memory, Comics and Post-War Constructions of British Girlhood, by Mel Gibson, has been published by Leuven University Press. Link (English, WG)

Comics, the Holocaust and Hiroshima, by Jane L. Chapman, Dan Ellin, and Adam Sherif, has been published by Palgrave Macmillan. Link (English, WG)

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