News Review October 2017

05 Nov


United States


The schedule for the MICE Expo, which takes place between the 21st and 22nd October, has been published online. Link (English, WG)


ImageTexT 9.2, a special issue titled “Mixing Visual Media in Comics”, has been published online. Link (English, WG)

The Comics Arts Conference is now accepting submissions of presentations and panels for its spring 2018 meeting at WonderCon in Anaheim(23rd-25th March 2018). Proposals are due by the 15th December 2017. Link (English, WG)

The Swann Foundation for caricature and cartoon research, administered by the Library of Congress, is accepting applications for its graduate fellowship. Deadline for applications is the 15th February 2018. Link (English, WG)

There is a call for papers for a special issue of ImageText, “Comics Read But Seldom Seen: Diversity and Representation in Comics.” Submissions are due by the 28th March 2018. Link (English, WG)

There is a call for papers for the edited collection, Comics and Critical Librarianship for Academic Libraries. Abstracts are due by the 15th December. Link (03/10/2017, English, WG)

Neon Visions: The Comics of Howard Chaykin, by Brannon Costello, has been published through Louisiana State University Press. Link (English, WG)

The Comics and Popular Arts Conference invites submissions for our 11th Annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, which takes place between the 31st August and 3rd September 2018. Proposals are due by the 15th December. Link (English, WG)

Matthew J. Smith seeks student participants for Experience at Comic-Con, which studies fan culture at San Diego’s Comic-Con International. Link (English, WG)




The latest edition of the Indian Journal of Gender Studies is out, with a special section on Gender in the Indian Graphic Novel, published by SAGE.  Link (English, SW)




Vienna Comic Con is going to take place on the 18th and 19th November; guests include Scott Snyder, Adi Granov and Charles Soule. Link (English, MdlI)


Auctioneer Artcurial will hold a large auction of bande dessinée related lots this November, including many Tintin originals. Link (10/10/17, French, LT)
Patrick Jusseaume, author of the bande dessinée series Tramp, has died aged 65. Link (26/10/17, French, LT)



Frankfurt Book Fair took place on the 14th and 15th October; guests included Inga Steinmetz and Melanie Schober. Link (30/09/2017, German, MdlI)

An exhibition of politicians’ biographies by Simon Schwartz is shown at the Reichstag in Berlin until the 30th November. Link (02/10/2017, German, MdlI)

An exhibition on Nazi Germany in comics is shown in Osthofen until the 10th December. Link (05/10/2017, German, MdlI)

The exhibition, “SICK! Kranksein im Comic / Reclaiming illness through comics”, is shown in Berlin until the 4th March 2018. Link (16/10/2017, German, MdlI)

An exhibition on comics and migration is shown in Freiburg until the 25th November. Link (16/10/2017, German, MdlI)

This year’s Wilhelm Busch Preis is awarded to Ralf König; on this occasion, a solo exhibition is shown in Wiedensahl until the 10th April 2018. Link (19/10/2017, German, MdlI)

The festival, Manga-Tag Recklinghausen, is going to take place on the 4th November; guests include Alexandra Völker and Daniela Winkler. Link (21/10/2017, German, MdlI)


The German Society for Comics Studies has published an overview of German university classes on comics in this winter semester. Link (25/09/2017, German, MdlI)

There is a Call for Papers for Closure #5; the deadline for abstracts is the 1st December. Link (English, MdlI)

The program of this year’s ComFor conference (1st-3rd December in Bonn) has been published. Link (26/10/2017, German, MdlI)

The winter semester of the lecture series, Berliner Comic-Kolloquium, has begun on the 30th October 2017 and runs until the 7th February 2018. Link (30/10/2017, German, MdlI)



Until the 12th November, the 28th AmadoraBD2017 is taking place in the Forum Luis de Camoes in Brandoa. Link (25/10/2017, Portuguese, RR)



Lamia, by Rayco Pulido, has received the National Comic Award, the most prestigious comics award in Spain. An article was published criticizing the fact that since the creation of the prize 10 years ago it has not been awarded to a woman. Link (9/10/2017, Spanish, EdRC)

The exhibition Krazy Kat is Krazy Kat is Krazy Kat can be visited at Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid, from the 18th October 2017 to the 26th February 2018. Link (01/09/2017, English, EdRC)

The independent and self-published comics festival GRAF will take place in Madrid from the 10th to the 12th November. There will be various exhibitors and workshops given by Spanish and International authors such as Nicolai Troshinsky and Peter Bagge. Link (01/10/2017, Spanish, EdRC)


The University of Alicante has opened Aula de Cómic, a space to read and celebrate events related to the world of comics. Link (27/10/2017, Spanish, EdRC)



An exhibition of the comic Wagner is shown in Lucerne until the 30th November. Link (German, MdlI)

A Lorenzo Mattotti exhibition is going to be shown in Basel from the 11th November 2017 until the 11th March 2018. Link (30/10/2017, German, MdlI)

United Kingdom


Inks issue 19 is a special issue focused upon comics scholarship. Link (English, WG)

The 2017 Dundee Comics Prize, in association with the University of Dundee, seeks creative submissions inspired by Jonathan Swift (satirist and author of Gulliver’s Travels, A Tale of a Tub, and A Modest Proposal). The prize is £300, and the submission deadline is the 19th November. Link (23/10/2017, English, WG)

Comics scholars Dr Simon Grennan (University of Chester) Dr Ernesto Priego (City, University of London) and Dr Peter Wilkins (Douglas College) have put together the open access comic Parables of Care: Creative Responses to Dementia Care, as Told by Carers. Link (English, WG)

*                    *                    *

Correspondents: Enrique de Rey Cabero (EdRC, Spain), William Grady (WG, UK and United States), Martin de la Iglesia (MdlI, Germany and Switzerland), Renata Rafaella (RR, Portugal), Lise Tannahill (LT, France), and Sakshi Wason (SW, India).

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