New Download: Evil Harvest: Investigating the Comic Book, 1948-1955 by Steven E. Mitchell

25 Jan

Today, Comics Forum is proud to present a new download, available through our Digital Texts section. ‘Evil Harvest: Investigating the Comic Book, 1948-1955’ is an MA thesis submitted to Arkansas State University by Steven E. Mitchell in 1982. During recent discussions on the COMIX-SCHOLARS-L mailing list, the thesis was recommended as an excellent resource on the discussions of links between comics and juvenile delinquency that took place in America in the 1940s and 1950s, and Steven has kindly agreed to allow us to make it available here. To download the thesis in PDF format, simply click the links below (or right click and click ‘Save Target As’), or visit our digital text archive in the Scholarly Resources section to download this and a selection of other text by major scholars. All documents are free.

Front Matter

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: “Slaughter of the Innocents”: Origin of the Controversy

Chapter 3: The “Red-Hot Thrill”: The Controversy Revived

Chapter 4: Superman in Disguise: The New York State Investigations

Chapter 5: “The Fifth Horseman”: The Federal Investigations

Chapter 6: “‘Operation Clean-Up'” and After: The Controversy Resolved


Bibliography (Part 1)

Bibliography (Part 2)

A huge thank you to Steven for his generosity.

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