Comics Forum 2011: Keynote Speakers and Programme

14 Oct

I’m pleased to announce five wonderful keynote speakers for Comics Forum 2011.

Appearing as part of Graphic Medicine: Visualizing the Stigma of Illness on day 2 (the 17th of November), we have Darryl Cunningham, author of Psychiatric Tales and the forthcoming Science Tales.

At Materiality and Virtuality: A Conference on Comics on day 3 (the 18th), we’ll be hearing from Posy Simmonds, author of Gemma Bovery and Tamara Drewe. Our evening keynote discussion will bring together Professor Tim Dant, head of sociology at Lancaster University and author of Materiality and Society and Material Culture in the Social World: Values, Activities, Lifestyles, Matthew Sheret, editor of Paper Science and Tom Humberstone, editor of Solipsistic Pop.

The programme is now available here.

Comics Forum 2011 is scheduled for the 16th to the 18th of November 2011, and will take place at Leeds Art Gallery. It will comprise three events:

16/11/2011 – Sculpture and Comic Art

17/11/2011 – Graphic Medicine: Visualizing the Stigma of Illness

18/11/2011 – Materiality and Virtuality: A Conference on Comics

The registration form is available here.

Tickets are priced as follows:

1 day ticket: £10

3 day ticket: £30

5 day ticket: £40 (includes two-day pass to Thought Bubble convention)

Comics Forum 2011 is supported by Thought Bubble, the University of Chichester, the Henry Moore Institute, Dr Mel Gibson, Routledge, Arts Council England, Intellect and Molakoe Graphic Design.


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