News Review September 2017

05 Oct




There is a call for papers for the edited collection, Sexuality and Mental Illness in Comics, edited by Nancy Pedri and Irene Velentzas. 300-word abstracts are due by the 15th January 2018. Link (English, WG)

United States


There is a job listing for Assistant Professor of English in Comics Studies at the University of Oregon. The deadline for applications is the 15th November. Link (English, WG)


The Middle Spaces has published a call for guest writers. Link (English, WG)

The table of contents for International Journal of Comic Art 19.1 has been published online. Link (26/09/2017, English, WG)

There is a call for papers for the Fourth Annual Dartmouth Illustration, Comics and Animation Conference, which takes place at Dartmouth College between the 26th and 27th May 2018. Proposals are due by the 1st December 2017. Link (14/09/2017, English, WG)

The Cambridge Companion to the Graphic Novel, edited by Stephen E. Tabachnick, has been published by Cambridge University Press. Link (English, WG)

The Research Society of American Periodicals invites submissions for its 2016-17 Article Prize. The prize is awarded to the best article on the subject of American periodicals published in a peer-reviewed academic journal between the 1st January 2016, and 31st December 2017. Details can be found via the link. Link (13/09/2017, English, WG)

There is a call for papers, Comics and Visual Culture 2018: A Conference for Student Research, which takes place on the 10th March 2018, at CSUN University Student Union. The submission deadline is 5th January 2018. Link (English, WG)

There is a call for papers for MIND THE GAPS!: The Futures of the Field – the 1st Annual Conference of the Comics Studies Society, which takes place between the 9th and 11th August 2018 at the University of Illinois. The deadline for submissions is the 1st January 2018. Link (English, WG)

There is a call for submissions for a special issue of Sequentials entitled, “Queer” as Noun, Adjective, and/or Verb. Creative submissions are due by the 1st December. Link (English, WG)




The small-press comics festival Salon Mirage held its first edition in Brussels on the 15th to the 17th September. Link (28/08/2017, French, BC)



A revived version of Les Cahiers de la bande dessinée, which first appeared in 1972, has been crowdfunded. Link (01/10/2017, French, LT)


Riad Sattouf’s BD Les Cahiers d’Esther will be adapted into an animated series by Canal+. Link (19/09/2017, French, LT)


Ridiculosa issued a call for chapters for a special issue on comics and satirical images. Papers are due by the 15th October 2017. Link (30/08/2017, French, BC)



An exhibition of Atomino and other comics from Frösi magazine is shown in Großenhain until the 15th October. Link (15/09/2017, German, MdlI)

The exhibition, “Ink & Pixels”, on comics from Kenya, is now shown in Wiedensahl until the 30th November. Link (115/09/2017, German, MdlI)

The exhibition of the latest Max-und-Moritz-Preis winners has travelled on to Mettmann where it is shown until the 22nd October. Link (18/09/2017, German, MdlI)


There is a Call for Papers for a conference on “Graphic Realities: Comics as Documentary, History, and Journalism” in Gießen on the 22nd and 23rd February 2018; deadline for abstracts is the 3rd November 2017. Link (04/09/2017, English, MdlI)



Between 22 September and 20 October, kArton Gallery (Budapest) hosts an exhibition of works by Dávid Cserkuti, cartoonist, illustrator, designer. Dávid won the Hungarian comics award, called Alfabéta-prize, in 2007; and currently, he takes part in creating an animated version of the popular Hungarian comics series, Dirty Fred. Link (ES, Hungarian)

From October on, Hungarian comics can be found at the newsagents again. The first monthly comics magazine containing the works of Hungarian artists only, Epicline, withdrew from the shelves after just one year in 2014. Now a new magazine, Fantomatika, is launched in Hungary and in the Hungarian-speaking parts of Romania. It is promised to give readers sci-fi comics every month. Link (ES, Hungarian)



Sibiu hosted the fifth edition of its annual International Comics Convention. The event included work by independent cartoonists from the United States and Europe, as well as workshops, exhibitions, and live drawing. Link (22/09/2017, Romanian, MP)



Until the 6th November, the Museum Bordalo Pinheiro, together with The Lisbon Studio, is organizing the exhibition “Filhos do Manguito”, a tribute to Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro made by several Artists. The exhibition is curated by Pedro Moura. Entrance is free. Link (22/09/2017, Portuguese, RR)



40 years since the far-right terrorist attack against the satirical magazine El Papus. Link (18/09/2017, Spanish, EdRC)

The 17th edition of Dolmen Critics’ Awards have been announced. Link (18/09/2017, Spanish, EdRC)

The exhibition Krazy Kat is Krazy Kat is Krazy Kat can be visited at Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid, from the 18th October 2017 to the 26th February 2018. Link (01/09/2017, English, EdRC)


The website Comic Spain has been created to promote the comics industry in the country. Link (04/09/2017, Spanish, EdRC)



From Batman to The Walking Dead: An Illustrator’s Life with Charlie Adlard, is a public lecture organised by Lancaster University, and will take place on the 12th October. Link (English, WG)

*                    *                    *

Correspondents: Enrique de Rey Cabero (EdRC, Spain), Benoît Crucifix (BC, Belgium and France), William Grady (WG, Canada, UK and United States), Martin de la Iglesia (MdlI, Germany), Mihaela Precup (MP, Romania), Renata Rafaella (RR, Portugal), Eszter Szép (ES, Hungary), and Lise Tannahill (LT, France).

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