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Beard, David

University of Minnesota Duluth (USA)

Research interests: History of Rhetoric, Literacy and Oral Communication Pedagogy. Disciplinarity.

Birinci, Meral

Research interests: Comics, Graphic Novels, Porn Studies, Culture Studies, History of Comics, Comics and Criticism

Czerwiec, MK

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, IL (USA)

Research interests: The intersection of medicine and comics, narrative medicine, oral history and comics, visual representations of natural death, the use of audio content in association with comics and learning.

Davies, Dominic

Univesity of Oxford, The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH)

Research interests: postcolonial comics, urban studies and urban comix, zine cultures, comics in the Global South, architecture and infrastructure in comics

Davies-Stofka, Beth

Excelsior College (USA)

Research interests: Comparative Religions and Theologies, Grassroots Resistance, Human Rights, Social Justice

Earle, Harriet

Birkbeck College, University of London, Department of English (UK)

Research interests: Representations of conflict and trauma in comics, representations of mental health, the Franco-Belgian comic tradition, graphic journalism, graphic memoir.

Edwards, Andrew

Glyndwr University (UK)

Research interests: Comics of all kinds, but particularly the work of Alan Moore and his collaborators.

El Refaie, Elisabeth

Cardiff University, Language and Communication (UK)

Research interests: My main research interests are in visual / multimodal forms of narrative in comics (especially autobiographical comics) and cartoons. I am also interested in visual metaphor, humour, multimodality, audience research, and media representations of cultural identity.

Gibson, Mel

University of Northumbria (UK)

Research interests: Audiences, gender, British girls’ comics, libraries and sequential art, children’s comics, graphic novels, formats, comics in education

Giddens, Thomas

St Mary’s University College (UK)

Research interests: Graphic Justice, law and comics

Grady, William

University of Dundee (UK)

Research interests: The Western, Comics, Film

Gray, Brenna Clarke

Douglas College (Canada)

Research interests: Canadian comics / graphic novels, twenty-first century North American literature, visual culture, September 11 studies, pop culture studies.

Gray, Maggie

Research interests: Alan Moore; British comics of the 1980s and early 1990s, riot grrrl, zines, underground comix, self-publishing and independent media, radical illustration, comics and fine art, Marxist aesthetics, feminism, anarchism, anti-capitalism/alter-globalisation, radical environmentalism, art activism.

Grennan, Simon

University of Chester (UK)

Research interests: visual narratology, participatory arts practice

Groenewald, Leorita

University of South Africa (South Africa)

Research interests: Graphic Narratives / Novels, Philosophy / Literary Theory (New Aestheticism), Photography

Grove, Laurence

University of Glasgow (UK)

Research interests: Historical approach to text/image forms

Hague, Ian

University of Chichester (UK)

Research interests: comics, graphic novels, materiality, media, senses, technology.

Harrison, Michael

Monmouth College (USA)

Research interests: 20th / 21st Century Peninsular Spanish Comics, Popular Culture/Media Studies (comics, television), Spanish Cultural Studies, Film Studies / Spanish Film, Queer Theory / Gender Theory , Superhero Studies

in ‘t Veld, Laurike

University of Chichester, Department of History & Politics, Department of Film & Media

Research interests: non-fictional comics, the representation of mass violence and genocide in popular culture, (Holo)kitsch

Kuhlman, Martha

Bryant University (USA)

Research interests: Central European Literature, Literary Theory, Graphic Novels

Laycock, Emily

Lancaster University (UK)

Research interests: religion, comics, graphic novels, popular culture, apocalypse, science fiction

Madill, Anna

University of Leeds (UK)

Research interests: Anna Madill is a critical social and health psychologist whose research is broadly in the area of ‘well-being’. Her current projects include British Academy funded research on Boys’ Love manga.

Miller, Ann

University of Leicester (UK)

Research interests: French-language comics, particularly those dealing with political, postcolonial and gender themes.

Murray, Chris

University of Dundee (UK)

Research interests: British Comics, Comics Theory, Film. Grant Morrison and Alan Moore

O’Neill, Christopher

Aston University (UK)

Research interests: Bande Dessinée in general, political cartooning, caricature, war in comics, representations of political figures in comics, France in the inter-war period.

Oksman, Tahneer

Marymount Manhattan College (USA)

Research interests: Comics and graphic novels; autobiography studies; women’s literature; visual culture; visual rhetoric; and writing pedagogy.

Pellegrin, Annick

University of Mauritius (Republic of Mauritius)

Research interests: Bandes dessinées (Franco-Belgian comics) and historietas (Latin American comics)

Priego, Ernesto

University College London (UK)

Research interests: comics scholarship, scholarly communications, electronic publishing, digital humanities, print culture, Latin American studies, media studies, digital engagement, citizen journalism, poetry.

Pylyser, Charlotte 

Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium)

Research interests: The Flemish graphic novel in particular and issues of culture and context with regard to comics in general.

Rose, Tony

University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Sequoyah National Research Center (USA)

Research interests: Images of Native Americans in comics, the Cold War in comics, Arkansas history

Round, Julia

Bournemouth University (UK)

Research interests: Comics, gothic, fantastic, sf, children’s literature, adaptation, online reading

Sabeti, Shari

School of Education, University of Edinburgh

Research interests: Visual cultures, text, practices of reading and writing and pedagogies both inside and outside of formal educational institutions

Sabin, Roger

Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, University of the Arts London (UK)

Research interests: Comics of all kinds, but especially 19th century British comics.

Sanders, Joe Sutliff

Kansas State University (USA)

Research interests: Comics, graphic novels, manga, Hergé, Urasawa, critical engagement, fantasy, science fiction, girls’ fiction, picture books.

Scott, Cord

Loyola University Chicago & Triton College (River Grove IL) (USA)

Research interests: Military history – specifically armed forces cartoons for the services, American culture

Shamoon, Deborah

National University of Singapore, Department of Japanese Studies (Singapore)

Research interests: Modern Japanese literature and film, Japanese manga (comics) and anime (animation), romance comics, illustration, gender studies, pedagogy of popular culture

Smith, Matt

Department of Communication, Wittenberg University (USA)

Research interests: Fan studies; Auteur theory (including focuses on Alan Moore, Geoff Johns, and John Byrne); Comics history

Sommers, Joseph Michael

Central Michigan University (USA)

Research interests: Children’s and Young Adult Literature, British and American Late-Nineteenth through Twenty First-Century Literature and Culture, Bakhtinian /Narrative Theory, Comic and Pop Cultural Studies

Spanjers, Rik

Research interests: Comic book studies, Manga studies, Philosophy, Narratology, Historiography, Intermediality

de Syon, Guillaume

Albright College (USA)

Research interests: cultural history of aviation, comics and history, Europe in the World Wars

Tannahill, Lise

Stirling Maxwell Centre for the Study of Text/Image Cultures, University of Glasgow

Research interests: Bande dessinée in general, Brittany, Corsica, gender issues in comics, war in comics, Bécassine, minority identity issues.

Turnes, Pablo

Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Research interests: Comics and Aesthetics, Art Philosophy, History.

Valente, Alex

University of East Anglia (UK)

Research interests: multimodality, translation studies, literary translation, comics studies, comparative comics studies, comparative literature

Wilkins, Peter

Douglas College (Canada)

Research interests: Comics and Skills Training, Comics and Aesthetics, Apocalyptic Narratives, Narratives of Masculinity, Technology.

Williams, Paul

University of Exeter (UK)

Research interests: The graphic novel of the 1970s and early 1980s; comics and literary respectability; theories of race, ethnicity, and representation; critical theories of the Cold War and the War on Terror; politics and American hip-hop, 2001 to 2008; science fiction film and literature, especially future-war fiction and post-apocalyptic fiction.

Worcester, Kent

Marymount Manhattan College (USA)

Research interests: The politics of popular culture; representations of 9/11; intellectuals and popular culture.

Wright, David N.

Douglas College (Canada)

Research interests: Modernism, Comics, Digital Humanities, Other cultural, artistic, historical stuff


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