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Go Nagai Go!!

Small Detour in the Country of the Bleeding Sun

by Christian Heymans

Translated by Annick Pellegrin

Original publication: Heymans, Christian. “Go Nagai Go !! : Petit détour au pays du soleil sanglant.” La Crypte tonique jan-fév 2012: 10-11. Print.[1]

The 60s in Japan were marked by outstanding economic growth. The country that had been vanquished and wrecked, practically wiped out in 1945, was recovering, driven by the willpower of the Japanese people to rebuild. In 1968, Japan became the second world power; people started talking about the Japanese economic miracle, also known as the Izanagi boom.[2] The standard of living rose rapidly and the rural exodus turned the lives of Japanese people upside-down. Televisions appeared in homes and while Tokyo was preparing to host the Olympics in 1964, Osaka was preparing to host the 1970 World Exposition.
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