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Comics Forum Online: Year Two Review and Comics Forum 2013 Call for Papers

The Comics Forum website is two years old today! Following on from last year’s round up of articles, in this post I’ll be providing a review of all the pieces we’ve published this year, and launching the Comics Forum 2013 call for papers.

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New Download: Evil Harvest: Investigating the Comic Book, 1948-1955 by Steven E. Mitchell

Today, Comics Forum is proud to present a new download, available through our Digital Texts section. ‘Evil Harvest: Investigating the Comic Book, 1948-1955’ is an MA thesis submitted to Arkansas State University by Steven E. Mitchell in 1982. During recent discussions on the COMIX-SCHOLARS-L mailing list, the thesis was recommended as an excellent resource on the discussions of links between comics and juvenile delinquency that took place in America in the 1940s and 1950s, and Steven has kindly agreed to allow us to make it available here. To download the thesis in PDF format, simply click the links below (or right click and click ‘Save Target As’), or visit our digital text archive in the Scholarly Resources section to download this and a selection of other text by major scholars. All documents are free.

Front Matter

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: “Slaughter of the Innocents”: Origin of the Controversy

Chapter 3: The “Red-Hot Thrill”: The Controversy Revived

Chapter 4: Superman in Disguise: The New York State Investigations

Chapter 5: “The Fifth Horseman”: The Federal Investigations

Chapter 6: “‘Operation Clean-Up'” and After: The Controversy Resolved


Bibliography (Part 1)

Bibliography (Part 2)

A huge thank you to Steven for his generosity.

If you are an author and have texts you would like to feature in the Comics Forum Digital Texts archive (and have the required permissions to do so), we would be very happy to hear from you! Please contact us at Texts may include articles, books, dissertations, essays, fanzines, theses etc. Previously published and unpublished works will be considered. Suggestions for texts you have not authored but believe would be useful are also welcome at the email address above.



Affiliated Conferences Archives: Further Updates


Affiliated Conferences Archives: Updates

Today sees the launch of five new conference archives in our affiliated conferences section. Joining our existing pages on Comics and Conflicts (2011) and Comics & Medicine (2011), we are proud to present archive material including calls for papers, posters, programmes and other documents from the following five conferences:

Dundee Comics Day (2009-present)

First International Conference on Comics and Graphic Novels: Sites of Visual and Textual Innovation (2011)

Gesellschaft für Comicforschung (2006-present)

The International Comics Conference (2010-present; 2012 archived currently)

Transitions: New Directions in Comics Studies (2010-present)

We’re absolutely delighted to be able to make available such a wealth of material in our archive; a huge thank you to all the conference directors who were willing to pull their documentation together and allow us to host it.

If you have directed a conference on comics and would like to include materials from the event in our affiliate conferences section please get in touch! Email: and include ‘Affiliate Conferences’ in your subject line.

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Comics Forum News Review: An Introduction by Will Grady

Those of you who attended The Third International Comics Conference: Comics Rock in Bournemouth this past June may have been present at Ian Hague’s talk, ‘Comics Forum: The Plan.’ In it he outlined his future plans for the development of Comics Forum. Amongst other ambitious ideas, he talked of his plan to house a news service on the Comics Forum website. A service that would provide a monthly review of relevant news links for the comic scholar community. Ian wanted the news service to have international appeal, with an array of international correspondents feeding into the service to offer a better picture of the global situation. In the abstract for his talk, Ian hinted at the possibility of recruiting a few audience members to assist in the ongoing development of Comics Forum. Having been present at his talk, I would suggest he was successful in his aim – as I offered to take on the role of news editor, won over by this ambitious project. And so the Comics Forum News Review was born! Since June, we have been busy fine-tuning the logistics of this service, so allow me to divulge in how this idea is close to becoming a functioning service, and hopefully illustrate how this service may benefit the comic scholar community.

Having come up with the idea to create this international news service, it was time to sit down with Ian and sort through the logistics of how this service will work – what content we thought would be most important to appear in the News Review, and also the simplest format to present the monthly report. Link style reportage seems like the most feasible way of presenting a news story (a short summary sentence with the link to the news story). News will be organised into regions (Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceania), and then into countries within each region. Under each country we will present articles under a range of section headings (Business, Culture, Education, Jobs, Law & Politics, Obituaries, Research, and Technology). With this format we hope to provide an easy to use service that anyone in the scholar community can access, flicking through the entire month’s report to look at things most relevant to them, be it country or category of news.

The next course of action was soliciting our global correspondence team – of course this service would be nothing without a solid line up of correspondents with their finger on the pulse of all things comics scholarship. Our line up currently includes Andy Mason (contributing for South Africa); Bart Beaty (Canada); Hannah Means-Shannon (USA); Greice Schneider (Brazil); Cheng Tju (Singapore); Jessica Bauwens-Sugimoto (Japan); Lisa Tannahill (France); Lida Tsene (Greece); Shelley Culbertson (Ireland); Pedro Moura (Portugal); Mihaela Precup (Romania); Rikke Platz Cortsen (Scandinavia) and Asta Vrečko (Slovenia). (Be sure to check out the Comics Forum Who’s Who section for full correspondent bios!) As you can see, we still have gaps in our team, and we are looking to recruit more correspondents from around the globe. If you feel you are up for the job in your region/country of specialty, or know someone who might be, be sure you get in touch!

The News Review will be published on the 4th day of every month. We are almost ready to launch, and the inaugural Comics Forum News Review will be published on 4th November. This report will cover the month of October, so be sure to pen that date into your calendar, and check back with us!

This service is a work in progress, and the assistance from our community is crucial. All comments, constructive criticisms, and suggestions are welcome in improving our service. Likewise, while we have a solid starting line up of correspondents, we are missing some key countries, and would be really pleased to hear from you with your suggestions. If you would be interested in getting involved with the News Review, please contact me at the Comics Forum News Review email address: We hope you will get involved, and check back with us on the 4th November! I will be present at Comics Forum’s fourth installment this year at Leeds (15th and 16th of November), and hope to see some of you there, so come and say hello.

William Grady is about to begin his PhD in the faculty of Humanities at the University of Dundee, focusing on women in American West comic books of the Cold War era. He has articles on American West comic books both printed and forthcoming in the anthologies Comic Books and American Cultural History, and Undead in the West II, alongside forthcoming pieces in the journals Studies in Comics, and the Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics. He is currently a teaching assistant in the department of Film and Media at Manchester Metropolitan University.

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