Shari Sabeti

Dr Shari Sabeti

School of Education, University of Edinburgh

Contact Details

Email address:

Telephone number: +44 131 651 6246

Postal address4.08 Charteris Land, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh, EH8 8AQ, United Kingdom.


I am a Chancellor’s Fellow at the Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh. I began my career in education as an English teacher and worked in both England and Scotland for eight years. In 2010 I joined the School of Education at the University of Stirling where I worked on the Initial Teacher Education Programme until November 2013.

Research Interests

My research interests have arisen from a broad concern with visual cultures, text, practices of reading and writing and pedagogies both inside and outside of formal educational institutions. In particular, my work explores the boundaries between the arts and humanities and educational processes. This has included work in schools on multimodal literacies, reading cultures and practices of critical interpretation. I have worked specifically on comics and graphic novels within the secondary context. My current project, called ‘Shakespeare, Adaptation and the ‘Educational’ Comic book’ is funded by the British Academy and explores the knowledge transformations and assumptions behind the production of adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays for educational contexts.


Sabeti, S. 2014. The ‘strange alteration’ of Hamlet: comic books, adaptation and constructions of adolescent literacy. Changing English: studies in culture and education, 21 (2): 182-197.

Sabeti, S. 2012. ‘Reading Graphic Novels in School: texts, contexts and the ‘work’ of critical reading.’ Pedagogy, Culture and Society, 20 (2):191-210.

Sabeti, S. 2012. ‘A different kind of reading’: the emergent literacy practices of a school based graphic novel reading group. British Educational Research Journal, DOI: 10.1002/berj.3009

Sabeti, S. 2012. ‘Arts of time and space’: the perspectives of a teenage audience on reading novels and graphic novels. Participations: Journal of Audience and Reception Studies, 9 (2). Online at:

Sabeti, S. 2011.‘The Irony of Cool Club: the place of comic book reading in schools.’ Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics, 2 (2):137-149.

Conference Papers and Talks

‘All that Shakesepeare stuff’: popular culture, adaptation and public pedagogy. School of Education, University of Durham, March 2015.

Adaptation, Education and Trust. European Conference of Educational Research (ECER), Porto, Portugal, September, 2014.
Shakespeare, Adaptation and ‘Matters of Trust’. British Shakespeare Association Biannual Conference, University of Stirling, July 2014.

‘Manga Shakespeare?’ – a case study of a comic book which ‘crosses borders’. International Conference of Graphic Novels and Comics, Glasgow, July 2013.

‘The Emergent Literacy Practices of a Graphic Novel Reading Group’. European Conference of Educational Research (ECER), Cadiz, September 2012.

‘Re-assembling Hamlet: comics, adaptation and education. International Conference of Graphic Novels and Comics, Bournemouth, July 2012.

‘Reading Graphic Novels at Home and at School: an exploration of the potential of ‘multi-modal’ texts in Education.’ International Conference of Graphic Novels and Comics, Manchester, July 2011.

‘The Event of Reading Graphic Novels in School’. Scottish Educational Research Association Conference, Stirling, November 2010


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