Andrew Edwards

Andrew Edwatds

Glyndwr University

Contact Details


Telephone: 01978 294437

Postal Address: Learning Resources, Glyndwr University, Wrexham, LL11 4DR 

Biography and Research Interests

I am an academic writing tutor and part-time PhD student in Glyndwr University, Wrexham and part-time librarian at Wrexham Library. I research and write about comics and graphic novels. I’m currently focusing primarily on the work of Alan Moore, both for a book on Moore’s seminal issues of Swamp Thing for Sequart Books and for my PhD, which focuses on intertextuality, sex and gender in his work. I hold a BA Hons in English, History and Media Studies, and an MA in English Literary Culture (1880 – 1920), for which I completed a dissertation focusing on the early science fiction of HG Wells. I also hold postgraduate qualifications in teaching and librarianship.

Research interests: Comics of all kinds, but particularly the work of Alan Moore and his collaborators.


Critical Survey of Graphic Novels: Heroes & Superheroes (published April 2012 from Salem Press): entry on V for Vendetta.

‘Hitler in British Comics’ – article for the Crikey! special  (electronically published August 2011).

‘The Bojeffries Saga’ – article for Crikey! magazine, issue 16 (published August 2010).

Greenwoods Encyclopedia of Comics and Graphic Novels  (published May 2010).
Entries on:
Science Fiction
Seaguy by Morrison and Stewart
Lost Girls by Moore and Gebbie

Sequart Research & Literacy Organization – various

Review of Reading Comics: How They Work and What They Mean by Douglas Wolk- for Studies in Comics 1:1 (April 2010).

‘The Unblemished’ review Hub #80 (March 22nd 2009).

‘Demons’ review Hub #75 (Feb 15th Feb 2009).

Author Profile: Alan MooreHub #34 (Nov 24th 2007).


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