Ann Miller

Dr Ann Miller

University of Leicester, School of Modern Languages

Joint editor of European Comic Art

International Bande Dessinée Society, Language Learning Association, Society for French Studies, Association for the Study of Modern and Contemporary France, Nordic Network for Comics Research.

Contact Details


Postal Address: 23 Stratford Street, Oxford OX4 1SP

Telephone: 07870 634831

Websites: (university staff page) (European Comic Art)

Biography and Research Interests

Worked as teacher of French and Spanish in London comprehensive schools in the 1970s, moved to Oxford as teacher trainer, then, in the late 1990s, to academic post in French at University of Leicester. Was Head of French and Senior Lecturer, then retired in 2010 (maintain link with Leicester through research supervision and as ‘University Fellow’).

Research Interests: French-language comics, particularly those dealing with political, postcolonial and gender themes.



Reading bande dessinée: critical approaches to French-language comic strip (2007, Bristol: Intellect), 272 pp.

Forthcoming: Approximately Autobiographical (Cardiff: University of Wales Press).

Edited book

With Natalie Edwards and Amy Hubbell: Textual and Visual Selves: Photography, Film and Comic Art in French Autobiography (2011, Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press), 273 pp.


Forthcoming: Thierry Groensteen, Comics and Narration: The System of Comics 2 (Jackson: University of Mississippi Press).

Recent articles in books and journals

‘Autobiography in bande dessinée, in (eds) Natalie Edwards, Amy Hubbell, Ann Miller), Textual and Visual Selves: Photography, Film and Comic Art in French Autobiography (2011, Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press), 235-262.

Persepolis: Eluding the Frame’ L’Esprit Créateur 51.1 (Spring 2011), 38-52.

‘Enfants de la bulle’, in (eds) Driss El Yazami, Yvan Gastaut, Naïma Yahi, Générations: Un siècle d’histoire cultuelle des Maghrébins en France (2009, Paris : Gallimard).

‘The astonishing return of Blake and Mortimer: Francophone fantasies of Britain as imperial power and retrospective rewritings’, in (eds) Liedeke Plate and Anneke Smelik, Unsettling the Past (2009, Basingstoke: Palgrave), 74-85.

‘Citizenship and city spaces: bande dessinée as reportage’ in (ed.) Mark McKinney, History and Politics in French-Language Comics and Graphic Novels (2008, Jackson: University of Mississippi Press), 97-116.

‘Oubapo: a verbal/visual medium is subjected to constraints’, Word and
, 23.2 (2007), 117-137.

Bande dessinée in (ed.) Dauncey, Hugh, French Popular Culture, an Introduction (2003, London: Arnold), 135-149.

‘French Cinema from 1974 to 2000’ in European Cinemas (2003, Milton Keynes: The Open University, 45-107. (Also wrote and presented accompanying 30-minute TV programme.)

‘Teulé’s Gens de France: retelling the fait divers and reframing the evidence’
in French Cultural Studies 12.3.36 (2001), 319-332.

‘Chantal Montellier’s Faux Sanglant: Sex, death, lies and videotape’, in
French Studies LV.2 (2001) 207-220.

Conference Papers and Talks

(Since 2009)

‘Penelope Bagieu: Chicklit and Postfeminism’, International Bande Dessinée Society, Manchester Metropolitan University, July 2011.

‘Dominique Goblet’s Faire semblant c’est mentir: Mourning, Melancholia and Mothers’, French Studies, Queen Mary College, London, July 2011.

‘Memory and Postmemory in Morvandiau’s D’Algérie, Society for Francophone Postcolonial Studies, French Institute, November 2010.

‘Comic Art as Political Practice: the Work of Étienne Davodeau’, Association for Study of Modern and Contemporary France, Nottingham Trent University, September 2010.

‘The Return of Blake and Mortimer: retelling a different story’, Finding the Plot, University of Leeds, April 2010.

‘Comics and the Theorisation of Spatial Practices’, VIII MAGIS – International Film Studies Spring School, Gorizia, March 2010.

‘Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis: Eluding the Frame’, Women in Comics, Murray Edwards Hall, University of Cambridge, October 2009.

‘La bande dessinée maghrébine: exilés, fils d’immigrés, fils de pieds-noirs’, at Génériques, Archives municipales de Lyon, June 2009.

‘Bande dessinée and the theorisation of everyday life: Non-lieux in the work of Lewis Trondheim’, International Bande Dessinée Society, French Institute, London, June 2009.


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