Rik Spanjers

Rik Spanjers rMA

Stripschrift (Dutch comic book magazine)

Aniway (Dutch manga magazine)

Contact Details


Telephone: 00316-50814158

Postal Address: Texel 203, 3524 AT Utrecht, The Netherlands

Website: (personal blog)

Biography and Research Interests

After graduating from the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, Rik Spanjers busied himself as a writer for numerous comics magazines and book publications. Currently, he is preparing a PhD project on the representation of the Second World War in comics.

Research interests: Comic book studies, Manga studies, Philosophy, Narratology, Historiography, Intermediality


“Bleach”. In: Graphic Novels. 2011, Ipswich (MA), Salem Press. (Pending publication).

“Naruto”. In: Graphic Novels. 2011, Ipswich (MA), Salem Press. (Pending publication).

“Ode to Kirihito”. In: Graphic Novels. 2011, Ipswich (MA), Salem Press. (Pending publication).

“From Hell: History, Madness and Comics”. In: Simulacrum: Sporen. 2011, Amsterdam, Independently published, 53-60.

“Kanker niet, verbaas je slechts: Peter’s grafische dagboek van de politionele acties 1948-1950”. In: Stripschrift 420. 2011, Rotterdam, Stripstift, 34.

“In Memoriam: Eisner”. In: VPRO Dorst. 2011, Hilversum, (web publicatio): [].

“Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s Progressive Conservatism”. In: Simulacrum: Beyond the Horizon. Amsterdam, independently published, 66-69.

“Meme for Vendetta”. In: Sleep Around More: Art, Research and the Production of New Knowledge. Amsterdam: Gerrit Rietveld Academy, 66-73.

Conference Papers and Talks

“From Nil until Now”. ASCA Conference: Extremely Close and Incredibly Slow. University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, March 2012.

“Bridging the Gutter, on the Uses and Disadvantages of the Gutter as a Concept for Comics Studies.” VAL-Studiedag. Catholic University Leuven, Leuven, November 2011.

“From Hell: Moore and Campbell’s Experimentations in the Fields of Memory, History and Myth.” OSL Conference. University of Utrecht, Utrecht, November 2011.

“Production out of the Gutter, An Analysis of the Shreds of Western Culture in Neon Genesis Evangelion” ASCA Conference: Practicing Theory. University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, March 2011.


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