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CFP: First Conference of the ICLA Research Committee on Literatures/Arts/Media (CLAM)

Transcodification: Literatures – Arts – Media

Department of Humanities – Excellence Program 2018-2022
July 1-3, 2020 – University of L’Aquila

Call for Papers


+++ Deadline extended until February 23, 2020 +++

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CFP: Translation, Localisation, Imitation, and Adaptation: Comparative Aspects in Comics Studies

The 14th Annual Conference of the Society for Comics Studies (ComFor) is dedicated to the idea of comparative comics studies: relations and transformations within the art form that cross and bridge cultural, lingual, economic, juridical, political, and media divisions. These include referential and derivative formats such as citation, parody, pastiche, travesty, imitation, and emulation of genres, characters, and motifs, in which one comic recalls another comic, or any other medium. In all of these cases, a relation is established that connects one or more comics to others. But the scope of comparative comics studies also includes translations, transfers, adaptations, and many other kinds of metamorphosis. These take place not merely from one language to another, but also take into account changes in audience orientation, in technical and economic conditions, in legal and conventional rules, and any other co-determining circumstance that leaves its traces: on the new comic’s text, sometimes on its pictures as well, and always on the mechanisms of production, marketing, media practices, and interpretations to which comics are subjected.

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CfP: Spaces Between – Gender, Diversity and Identity in Comics (ComFor 2018, Cologne)

The conference topic Spaces Between – Gender, Diversity and Identity in Comics will draw our attention to the nexus between the medium of comics and categories of difference and identity such as gender, dis/ability, age, and ethnicity, in order to open and deepen an interdisciplinary conversation between comics studies and intersectional identity studies within the international comics studies community. In this respect, the 13th annual conference of the German Society for Comics Studies will not only contribute to the disclosure of exclusions, power structures and (hetero)normative allocations in comics, but will also critically analyse their socio‐political and communicative forms of (re)production.

Potential topics for contributions may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • constructions of gender in comics

  • the interplay of gender and genre in comics
  • conceptions of identity and their (de)construction in comics
  • intersectionality and comics
  • the (re)production and constitution of difference and power structures in comics
  • manifestations of heteronormative structures and allocations in comics
  • mechanisms of hegemonic exclusion(s) in comics
  • queerness and comics
  • historic dimensions of identities in comics
  • diversity and normalisation processes in comics
  • race, class and ethnic stereotypes in comics
  • comics and postcolonial studies
  • body images in comics
  • representations of dis/ability in comics
  • the interrelation of comics, health and corporeality in the realm of graphic medicine
  • economies of difference: gender, identity and diversity on the (international) comics market
  • spaces between, centres and peripheries: transnationality and diversity in comics culture

See the PDF here for more information.

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CFP: Comics and their Popularity

The German Society for Comics Studies (ComFor) invites abstracts for their 12th annual research conference, to be held at Bonn University, Dec 1st-3rd, 2017. Deadline: April 30th.

Please click here for a PDF with more details.

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Call for Papers: Rummaging Around in Alan Moore’s Shorts

Guest Editor: Maggie Gray

One sign of the rude health of comic book studies is the growing body of scholarship that focuses on, encompasses, or takes as its starting point, the work of acclaimed and prolific British comics writer Alan Moore. However, while Moore scholarship has moved on from an almost exclusive focus on landmark comic Watchmen to encompass overlooked or less popular works like A Small Killing or Tom Strong, and even unfinished epic Big Numbers, it still concentrates overwhelmingly on what Charles Hatfield calls ‘comics in the long form’, major ongoing serialised comics and self-contained graphic novels. [1]

Yet this means that the wealth of Moore’s ‘short form’ works has been overlooked. These include the underground and newspaper strips, cartoons and illustrations with which he began his career as a freelance cartoonist; the back-up features in 2000AD and Marvel UK anthologies where he claims he learnt the craft of comics writing; one-off collaborations with figures like Peter Bagge, Bryan Talbot, Hunt Emerson, Richard Corben, and Harvey Pekar; contributions to fanzines, benefit anthologies, annuals and spin-offs; and even diffuse work in other media (short prose stories, poems, essays and articles, pin-up art, CD covers etc.).

Looking more closely at such works not only enables us to plug gaps in Moore scholarship and flesh out our understanding of his career, ideas and practice, but also to challenge the privileging of the long form in comics scholarship in general.

In this spirit, we are looking for succinct contributions of 1,000-1,500 words, for a series of Comics Forum blog articles on Moore’s shorts to be published throughout September 2012 on the Comics Forum website (

If you are interested in contributing, please email a brief abstract (c.100-200 words) and a short biography of yourself (c.50-100 words) to Maggie Gray at: The deadline for abstracts is June 1st 2012, and you will receive notification of acceptance or rejection by June 18th.

Click here for a copy of this call for papers in PDF format.

Comics Forum is supported by: Thought Bubble, Dr Mel Gibson, the University of Chichester, Arts Council England and Molakoe Graphic Design.

[1] – Hatfield, C., 2005. Alternative Comics: An Emerging Literature. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, pp.4-6.


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