News Review November 2017

04 Dec


United States


ImageTexT is accepting paper submissions for a special forum on the topic of “Comics and Fine Art.” The deadline for submissions is the 1st April 2018. Link (04/11/2017, English, WG)

Superman in Myth and Folklore, by Daniel Peretti, has been published through the University Press of Mississippi. Link (English, WG)

There is a call for paper for the edited collection The Other 1980s: Reframing Comics’ Crucial Decade. Abstract proposals are due by the 31st January. Link (English, WG)

Osvaldo Oyola reports on the International Comics Art Form conference (ICAF), which took place at the University of Washington between the 2nd and 4th November. Link (English, WG)

There is an open call for submissions for the journal SANE: Sequential Art Narratives in Education (Spring 2018). The deadline for submissions is the 1st February. Link (English, WG)

Ethics in the Gutter: Empathy and Historical Fiction in Comics, by Kate Polak, has been published through the Ohio State University Press. Link (English, WG)

There is a call for submissions for a special themed issue of the The Journal of Multimodal Rhetorics entitled “Comics and/as Multimodal Rhetoric.” Full-length submissions are due by the 1st August 2018. Link (English, WG)

There is a call for papers for a special collection entitled The Punisher: Judge, Jury, and Executioner. The deadline for 200-300 word abstract proposals is the 31st January 2018. Link (English, WG)

There is a call for papers for the 15th University of Florida Conference on Comics and Graphic Novels, “ImageTech: Comics and Materiality.” The conference will be held from between the 6th and 8th April 2018. The deadline for submissions is the 15th December. Link (English, WG)




Spirou has a new editor: Florence Mixhel is the first female editor of a Belgian bande dessinée magazine since 1938. Link (06/11/2017, French, LT)



Maurice Forest, the founder of renowned Paris bande dessinée bookshop Rackham, is putting 283 items from his personal collection up for auction, including many first editions of famous BD works. Link (20/11/17, French, LT)


FIBD director Stéphane Beaujean announces a paradigm change for the Angoulême festival. Link (18/11/2017, French, BC)


The Musée de la bande dessinée has appointed Anne Hélène Hoog as its new director. Link 1(07/11/2017, French, BC) Link 2 (08/11/2017, French, LT)

The University of Lorraine hosted an international conference on “autobiographical experience and genre comics” from the 9th to 10th November. Link (09/11/2017, French, BC)

The online peer-reviewed journal Comicalités has appointed a new editorial board to relaunch its publications. Link (21/11/2017, French, BC)



Manga-Comic-Con 2018 is going to take place in Leipzig from the 15th – 18th March; guests include Mika Yamamori. Link (20/11/2017, German, MdlI)


A lecture series on migration and war in comics is taking place in Düsseldorf until the 22nd January 2018. Link (02/11/2017, German, MdlI)

Joachim Kalka has published a book on Peanuts. Link (German, MdlI)

There is a Call for Papers for an issue of the journal Diegesis on “Narrating Reality in Comics”; the deadline for abstracts is the 8th January 2018. Link (English, MdlI)

New issues of the yearbooks Deutsche Comicforschung and Comic-Jahrbuch have been published. Link (16/11/2017, German, MdlI)

Proceedings of the 1. Kieler Comic Konferenz 2016 have been published in the latest issue of Closure. Link (23/11/2017, German, MdlI)

Two public lectures on comics are going to be given by Joachim Trinkwitz and Rolf Lohse in Bonn on the 6th December. Link (30/11/2017, German, MdlI)



From the 2nd until the 31st December the gallerz Mundo Fantasma in Port will hold an exhibition by Finnish author, Tommi Musturi. Link (21/11/2017, Portuguese, RR)


The Portuguese Comics Author Fernando Relvas (1954 – 2017) has passed away. He collaborated as a comic author in several Portuguese and international magazines and newspapers. Link (21/11/2017, Portuguese, RR)



María Luque’s Casas transparantes has been awarded the first prize graphic novel prize Ciudades Iberoamericanas. Link (26/11/2017, Spanish, EdRC)

The exhibition about the history of Spanish comics Historietas del tebeo, 1917-1977 can be visited at Museo ABC, Madrid, until the 25th February 2018. Link (01/11/2017, Spanish, EdRC)


Two new books have been published by the Eolas and the University of León as part of the of the collection Grafikalismos, which focuses on comics and graphic narrative: Ana Merino’s Diez ensayos para pensar el cómic [Ten essays to understand comics], and Inés González Cabeza’s Imágenes de la enfermedad en el cómic actual [Images of illness in contemporary comics]. Link (21/1/2017, Spanish, EdRC)



There is a call for submissions to the Laydeez do Comics Women’s Prize for Unpublished Graphic Novels in Progress–a women-only award to honour a graphic novel work in progress by a UK-based creator. Link (English, WG)


Alan Moore, Out from the Underground: Cartooning, Performance, and Dissent, by Maggie Gray, has been published through Palgrave Macmillan. Link (English, WG)

Visuality and Identity in Post-millennial Indian Graphic Narratives, by E. Dawson Varughese, has been published through Palgrave Macmillan. Link (English, WG)

There is a call for papers for the Ninth International Graphic Novel and Comics Conference 2018. The conference theme is Retro!: Time, Memory, Nostalgia, and will take place at Bournemouth University between the 27th and 29th June. The deadline for submissions is the 1st February. Link (English, WG)

*                    *                    *

Correspondents: Enrique de Rey Cabero (EdRC, Spain), Benoît Crucifix (BC, France), William Grady (WG, UK and United States), Martin de la Iglesia (MdlI, Germany), Renata Rafaella (RR, Portugal) and Lise Tannahill (LT, Belgium and France).

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