News Review January 2017

04 Feb




Taco de ojo, an exhibit of Peruvian and Mexican graphic narrative featuring works by Enid Balam, Edgar Clément, Carmen Lop, and more than twenty others was organized by the international collective Latino Toons. On view until February the 26th at the Casa de la Literatura Peruana in Lima (Perú). Link 1 (FGG, Spanish) Link 2 (FGG, Spanish)

A series of political cartoons by Alarcón, Boligán, Darío, and others on the U.S. president’s recent comments about the wall and the relationship with Mexico can be seen at the CartonClub website. Link (FGG, Spanish)

Augusto Mora participated in the Professional category at the event Les 24 heures de la bande dessinée, Angouleme 2017 with a 22-page comic about a mischievous super-hero. Link (FGG, Spanish)

The January issue of the Spanish magazine Revista con la a featured the cartoon ¿Niñas? by Cintia Bolio. Bolio was also named among the jury members for the “Freedom of Expression” International Cartoon Contest & Exhibition 2017 in Norway. Link (FGG, Spanish)

The “Feria de la Historieta de Autor” took place at the Alliance Française in Polanco, Mexico City, on January 21, in parallel with the international Angoulême Festival in France. Link (FGG, Spanish)

On the 100th anniversary of the birth of José G. Cruz, the renowned creator of El Santo comics and pioneer of the photomontage technique, an event took place at the Museo de Arte Popular in Mexico City. Link (FGG, Spanish)

The illustrated album/graphic novel, Salón Destino, by Carlos Vélez, was published by La Cifra Editorial. Link (FGG, Spanish)


Cintia Bolio will lead the course Cómic y género: Creando un cómic para la prevención de la violencia de género at the Casa Universitaria del Libro at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México between the 21st February and the 4th May. Link (FGG, Spanish)

The course Diplomado en Novela Gráfica will take place at the Antigua Academia de San Carlos starting on February 14. Link (FGG, Spanish)

United States


Michael Tisserand’s Krazy: George Herriman, a Life in Black and White is among the nominees in the National Book Critics Circle awards. Link (English, WG)


Susan Kirtley has introduced a Comics Studies course at Portland State University. Link (English, WG)


The Modern Superhero in Film and Television: Popular Genre and American Culture, by Jeffrey A. Brown, has been published through Routledge. Link (English, WG)

Bleeding Cool reports on research at Brigham Young University into the negative effects of superheroes on pre-schoolers. Link (15/01/2017, English, WG)

There is a call for papers for the edited collection Whiteness and the American Superhero. Abstracts are due by the 1st April. Link (17/01/2017, English, WG)

The Comics and Popular Arts Conference invites submissions for its 10th Annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, which takes place between the 1st and 4th September 1-4. Proposals are due by the 1st March. Link (English, WG)




Superman: The Persistence of an American Icon, by Ian Gordon, has been published through Rutgers University Press. Link (English, WG)

Kid Comic Strips: A Genre Across Four Countries, by Ian Gordon, has been published through Palgrave. Link (English, WG)




Cosey (Bernard Cosendai), author of Voyage en Italie  has been awarded the Angoulême Grand Prix. Link (25/01/2017, LT, French)


Pascal Garray, illustrator of The Smurfs, has died aged 51. Link (17/01/2017, LT, French)



An exhibition on Wilhelm Busch and Rodolphe Töpffer is shown in Schwarzenbach until the 1st May. Link (09/01/2017, MdlI, German)

An exhibition on the holocaust in comics is shown in Frankfurt until the 19th March; accompanying talks and readings are going to be given. Link (16/01/2017, MdlI, German)

Manga-Comic-Con 2017 is going to take place in Leipzig from the 23rd-26th March; guests include Kyōko Kumagai and Yūsei Matsui. Link (26/01/2017, MdlI, German)

The exhibition, Comics! Mangas! Graphic Novels!, is going to be shown in Bonn from the 7th May until the 10th September 2017. Link (MdlI, German)

An exhibition on comics and immigration is shown in Bremen until the 22nd March. Link (31/01/2017, MdlI, German)


A symposium titled Transnational Comics Art and Comics Scenes is going to take place in Freiburg on the 20th February in conjunction with comiXconnection festival. Link (12/01/2017, MdlI, German)

The program for the conference, Formen der Selbstreflexivitaet im Medium Comic (Cologne, 2nd-3rd March), has been published. Link (30/01/2017, MdlI, German)



A group of feminist comics artists inspired the creation of the new bags and accessories collection of Müskinn, an innovative Hungarian designer label. The creators of ZINA, a fanzine/comics published at irregular intervals, have been known in the alternative comics scene for their colorful energy, engagement with the female body and for creating comics about the experience of being a woman in Hungary. For the Müskinn campaign, the group has created and modelled for the alternative female super hero who fights for the environment. Link 1 (English, ES) Link 2 (English, ES) Link 3 (Hungarian, ES)



The BDteca 2017 is taking place in the Library of Odemira until March. The shoe includes exhibitions, workshops and a comics contest. Participants may enter until the 10th February. Link (06/01/2017, RR, Portuguese)

Until the 4th March,an exhibition about the Portuguese comic writer João Paulo Cotrim is taking place in the Comic book library (Bedeteca) of Amadora. Link (19/01/2017, RR, Portuguese)



Ana Penyas’s Estamos bien has been awarded the 10th Salamandra-Fnac Graphic Novel Prize. Link (12/01/2017, EdRC, Spanish)

The Prado Museum has published another comic after Max’s work on Bosch last year. El perdón y la furia is about Spanish painter Ribera (Lo Spagnoletto) and it has been conceived by Antonio Altarriba and Keko. Link (17/01/2017, EdRC, Spanish)


The satirical on-line comics magazine Orgullo y Satisfacción has announced that 2017 will be its last year. It was created in 2014 when some authors abandoned the magazine El Jueves after the publishers objected to a cover ridiculing the monarchy. Link (04/01/2017, EdRC, Spanish/English)


There is a Call for Papers by European Comic Art for a number focused on Spanish Comics. Abstracts may be sent until the 1st March 2017. Link (01/01/2017, EdRC, English)



The Courier runs an article on the University of Dundee’s Professor Chris Murray – the world’s first professor of comic studies. Link (03/01/2017, English, WG)


There is a listing for a three-month placement for a PhD student to research and help develop the British Library’s British comics collection. Link (English, WG)


Comics and Nations Conference takes place on the 13th and 14th July, at Bangor University. Link (English, WG)

Documenting Trauma: Comics and the Politics of Memory, is a symposium taking place at the University of Oxford on the 22nd June. Abstract proposals are due by the 10th March. Link (English, WG)

The Department of Law will host creator Joe Sacco for the inaugural Queen Mary Conversation in Law and the Humanities. The talk will take place on the 21st March at Queen Mary University of London. Link (English, WG)

The Socio-Legal Studies Association’s 2017 conference hosts a stream which invites submissions exploring the intersections of law and justice with comics, graphic fiction, and related visual media. Link (English, WG)

The University of Oxford is hosting the seminar series, Comics and Graphic Novels: The Politics of Form. This month’s seminars include, “Narrating History Through Comics: Aivali” (9th February), “Mexican Comics” (16th February), and “Giving Offence: A 35000 Year History of Visual Satire” (21st February). Link (English, WG)

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Correspondents: Enrique del Rey Cabero (EdRC, Spain), William Grady (Singapore, United States and UK), Felipe Gomez Gutierrez (FGG, Mexico), Martin de la Iglesia (MdlI, Germany), Renatta Rafella (RR, Portugal), Ester Szep (ES, Hungary) and Lise Tannahill (LT, France).

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